Using Data To End Homelessness

This track will explore how data can be used to work towards a solution to end homelessness. Through data, we can ensure that we are working towards ending homelessness and distributing funds and resources in the most effective way.

Workshop A: 

Making Youth Visible: Using National and State Data to End Homelessness

Two of the greatest challenges in reaching the goal of ending youth homelessness by 2020 are strengthening our strategies for reaching these youth and collecting quality data to shape effective national, state, and local interventions. In this workshop, new national research from the Voices of Youth Count, regional HMIS data, and the results from the CT 2018 Youth Count will be shared.

Presenters: Carl Asikanien, Beau Anderson, Katie Durand, and Matt Morton

Presentation: Making Youth Visible: Using National and State Data to End Homelessness

Workshop B: 

Utilizing Data to Understand Family Homelessness in Connecticut

The work to end family homelessness by 2020 is well underway. This workshop will focus on the data that exists in Connecticut – including data from the State’s by-name-list, a demonstration of the family homelessness dashboard that measures the progress of the state toward ending family homelessness, and data from a provider perspective. Data highlighted will show where we are succeeding, what we need to focus on, and what are the emerging challenges.

Presenters: Brian Roccapriore, Beau Anderson,  and Meredith Damboise

Presentation: Utilizing Data to Understand Family Homelessness in Connecticut 

Workshop C:

A Sneak Peek at Statewide Data

The homelessness sector has been moving toward a data driven culture of performance and accountability, and CT has been a nationwide leader in this area. How do we take the next step in liberating data to improve system processes and client outcomes? This workshop will reveal a sneak peek at statewide Tableau dashboards that are under development. These data dashboards will connect to CT HMIS data and provide a simple, interactive, intuitive, useful and beautiful way for providers to interact with their data. Our hope is that this interactive access to data will foster user engagement, a common understanding among stakeholders and strategies that help CT adopt a more data driven culture.

Presenters: Jackie Janosko, Lauren Zimmerman, Brian Roccapriore, and Dan Shetler

Presentation: A Sneak Peak at Statewide Data


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