Using Data and Visualization to Improve Communication and Planning

Brian Roccapriore, July 2017

I had the privilege of presenting at this year’s National Alliance to End Homelessness conference on how we use our Coordinated Entry data in Connecticut. The presentation provided a brief background on how we evolved to the system we have today, and then showcased our interactive dashboard (found here). At the 2017 conference, the one reoccurring theme I took away from the sessions I attended was that Connecticut truly is a national leader in Coordinated Entry, and how we use our data to drive decision making.

The presentation led to some great conversation with our partners across the nation about how they are starting to use their data to drive their decision making. Connecticut was an early adopter of most aspects of coordinated entry, and our systems and data evolved have evolved over the last several years. Many communities are just starting down this path, and the presentation about our lessons learned will have hopefully empowered other communities to learn from what we have done.