2018 National Conference on Ending Homelessness and Capitol Hill Day

This year’s National Alliance to End Homelessness Annual Conference in Washington DC held July 22-25th offered an inspired and hopeful view of current efforts to end homelessness, and plenty of opportunity to learn what’s working in communities across the country.

A number of high-profile elected officials turned out for the conference, and Senator Corey Booker delivered a moving keynote speech, underscoring the importance of our work with our country’s most vulnerable populations.

Areas of focus included: racial inequalities, challenges of ending homelessness in rural areas, and ways to advance our efforts to end homelessness among adult individuals. CCEH’s Brian Roccapriore, Sarah Fox, and Mary Ann Haley presented on Connecticut’s successes and strategies, highlighting work in the areas of domestic violence, chronic homelessness, schools, shelter diversion, and family mediation. A Way Home America convened HUD Youth Homeless Demonstration Project grantees, including the Connecticut Balance of State. Connecticut’s own Natalie Garcia from the Youth Action Hub presented on work in our state to end youth homelessness.

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The NAEH conference was packed full of information and best practices. Here are a few ways to gain knowledge from this year’s conference.

National Alliance to End Homelessness


CCEH Workshop Summaries

Below are summaries from CCEH highlighting some of the conference’s best sessions on cutting-edge issues of interest in efforts to end homelessness.