Funding Opportunities and RFPs

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The Connecticut Balance of State Continuum of Care (CT BOS) is seeking applications for new projects for inclusion in the CoC’s 2022 application for HUD Supplemental CoC funds. The deadline for submission of applications is 8/17/22. This supplemental NOFO competition is separate from and in addition to the regular CoC Competition.

If you are interested in applying, please carefully read this e-mail and the instructions to see if this is the right fit for your project. Links to Instructions for Application and Zengine and link to application:

CT BOS Supplemental New Project Application Instructions
Zengine New Project App Instructions
Supplemental New Project Application

Applicants that already applied to CT BOS through the regular 2022 CoC Competition for one or more of the new project types listed above, will have the opportunity to submit those project applications also for consideration through this Supplemental CoC Competition. Stay tuned for more information and check for updates.

Click Here for the full RFP.