Ending Family Homelessness 

This track will focus on new strategies for rapid re-housing, client engagement and how to utilize data in our efforts to end family homelessness by 2020.

Workshop A:

Reducing Family Homelessness

Between May 2015 and May 2017, New Orleans reduced the average length of time that families spend homeless from 117 days to only 39 days and has maintained that 39 – day standard ever since. New Orleans’ Point in Time Count shows a 28 percent reduction in family homelessness since 2016. Martha Kegel, executive director of the Continuum of Care in New Orleans, will share strategies on how to do the same in your community.

Presenter: Martha Kegel

Presentation: Reducing Family Homelessness

Workshop B:

Utilizing Data to Understand Family Homelessness in Connecticut

The work to end family homelessness by 2020 is well underway. This workshop will focus on the data that exists in Connecticut – including data from the State’s by-name-list – a demonstration of the family homelessness dashboard that measures the progress of the state toward ending family homelessness, and data from a provider perspective. Data highlighted will show where we are succeeding, what we need to focus on, and what are the emerging challenges.

Presenters:  Beau Anderson, Meredith Dambioise, and Brian Roccapriore

Presentation: Utilizing Data to Understand Family Homelessness in Connecticut 

Workshop C: 

Supporting Healthy Relationships: Addressing Attachment and Trauma in Families Facing Homelessness

This workshop will provide an overview of attachment and the impact of trauma in the context of homelessness. Participants will learn how best to enhance healthy relationships between children and their caregivers to buffer the negative effects of trauma on attachment, reflect on the experiences and needs of staff who serve families in crisis, and learn how services provided by Child First uniquely target the needs of families facing homelessness and other forms of early adversity.

Presenters: Salam Soliman, Sue Killmeyer

Presentation: Coming Soon. Please check back at a later time.


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