Critical Time Intervention/Rapid Re-housing Pilot

In February of 2017, Connecticut rapid re-housing providers embarked on a pilot to implement Critical Time Intervention (CTI) as a strategy to guide case management and prepare families and individuals for independence. Directed by the National Alliance to End Homelessness with key training and guidance from the Center for the Advancement of CTI (CACTI) at Hunter College, CUNY, this pilot program involves all DOH-funded rapid re-housing programs in the state.

Rapid Re-housing provider resource page. 

Case Management Resource Documents

  • CTI RRH Frequently Asked Questions
    Rapid Re-Housing Pilot Study Critical Time Intervention Providers’ Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Critical Time Intervention for Rapid Re-housing Manual
    The CTI RRH Manual explains the purpose, goals and steps for implementing CTI RRH. You can use this as a basic guide for your work. At the end are several case examples that align with each phase of work and the potential challenges you many encounter. This document is a work in progress, and will be revised in the future to reflect what we learn throughout the implementation phase of this new intervention.
  • RRH CTI Weighted Caseload Tracker
    This document may be used to track caseloads. You may change this template to fit your organization’s needs, so long as the changes don’t alter the delivery of CTI RRH, as explained in the manual (above).
  • CTI-RRH Phase Plan
    This document may be used to plan goals and activities for the three phases.
  • Client/Family Personal Resource List
    This document helps track resources and emergency contacts for families and individuals.
  • Financial Assistance Extension Request Form
    This template may be used to case conference an extension of financial assistance beyond the original contracted time for rapid re-housing clients.
  • CTI Global Network
    Join the CTI Global Network for access to a variety of valuable CTI tools and resources.
  • How To Explain CTI
    Do you need help in explaining CTI?  This document  provides sample talking point about CTI.
  • CTI RRH Closing Note
    Critical time Intervention- Rapid Re-Housing Closing Note
  • CTI Rapid Re-Housing Onboarding Video 
    This tool is designed to assist new CTI workers or as a refresher for those already working with clients in CTI.

Supervision Resource Documents

CTI RRH Training Materials