CCEH to Testify at Congressional Caucus on the State of Homelessness

April 28th, 2016

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) Executive Director Lisa Tepper Bates was invited by the Congressional Homelessness Caucus to present testimony at the April 28 Caucus briefing, the State of Homelessness in America. 

The Congressional Homelessness Caucus and representatives of the National Alliance to End Homelessness will host an in-depth discussion of the Alliance’s annual report: the State of Homelessness in America. The report, published earlier this month, examines trends in homelessness, homeless assistance, and at-risk populations at the national and state levels. It is available for online download by clicking here.

Ms. Bates will testify on efforts in Connecticut to end chronic homelessness (the long-term homelessness of people with disabilities) by December, 2016 — saving lives and saving public funds. Those experiencing chronic homelessness tend to cycle in and out of expensive public systems — emergency departments, hospitals, jails and similar — while their homelessness persists.  Studies across the nation show that communities can save up to 70% of the costs they will otherwise incur by providing appropriate housing and supports to end their homelessness.

Connecticut is a national leader in efforts to end homelessness, and only the second state in the nation to functionally end veteran homelessness. Connecticut has successfully housed all veterans who had long been homelessness in our state, and has built a system whereby any veteran now identified as homelessness is housed within 90 days.

“It’s an honor to testify before the Caucus,” Ms. Bates said.  “I will be pleased to highlight the great work to end homelessness in Connecticut — all achieved through the teamwork of a strong group of nonprofit providers and advocates, working in close partnership with our colleagues in state government, under the leadership of Governor Malloy.”

To view the powerpoint for this testimony, please click here.