Budget Impasse Continues! Please Call Now!

State budget negotiations continue, but we have no agreed budget yet. Until a budget is passed, we will be reaching out to you every Tuesday to ask you to raise your voice in support of funding for Housing and Homelessness Services! Connecticut has made great strides in ending homelessness for veterans and those with severe disabling conditions, but these gains are at risk of being reversed due to the on-going budget impasse at the State Capitol.

Please take two minutes to contact the House and Senate Caucus Leaders and Appropriations Chairs and let them know that you support Housing and Homelessness Services in Connecticut!

Below find the contact information for your legislators and a script you can use when you make the calls:

Phone Script

Hello, my name is _________ and I am a provider of homeless services. I’m calling to ask that you pass a budget that preserves the DOH Housing and Homelessness line item at $74M, the DMHAS Housing Supports and Services line item at $23M, and the Homeless Youth line item. DOH and DMHAS funds are critical to move people from homelessness to housing and keep them stably housed – saving lives and saving taxpayer dollars. DOH as a stand-alone Department has been critical to our work: please preserve DOH.
You can reach me at [your call back number].

Democrat Caucus:
Senator Martin Looney (D-President Pro Temp)
860-240-8614 Looney@senatedems.ct.gov

Senator Bob Duff (D-Senate Majority Leader)
860-240-0414 Bob.Duff@senatedems.ct.gov

Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (Speaker of the House)
860-240-8535 Joe.Aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov

Rep. Matt Ritter (House Majority Leader)
860-240-8489 Matthew.Ritter@cga.ct.gov

Republican Caucus:
Senator Len Fasano (R-President Pro Temp)
860-240-8871 Len.Fasano@cga.ct.gov

Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Deputy President Pro Tempore)
860-240-0436 Kevin.Witkos@cga.ct.gov

Rep. Themis Klarides (R-Minority Leader)
860-240-8384 Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov

Rep. Vincent Candelora (R-Deputy Minority Leader)
860-240-8700 Vincent.Candelora@housegop.ct.gov

Appropriations Chairs:
Senator Paul Formica (R-Co-Chair Appropriations)
860-240-8371 Paul.Formica@cga.ct.gov

Senator Cathy Osten (D-Co-Chair Appropriations)
860-240-0579 Osten@senatedems.ct.gov

Rep. Toni Walker (D-Co-Chair Appropriations)
860-240-0394 Toni.Walker@cga.ct.gov

Rep. Melissa Ziobron (R- Ranking Member Appropriations)
860-240-8398 Melissa.Ziobron@housegop.ct.gov

Thank you for your continued advocacy and commitment to affordable housing in Connecticut.
For more information contact Cindy Dubuque at cindy@pschousing.org or Sarah Fox at sfox@cceh.org.