Administering the Next Step Tool

The Next Step Tool for Homeless Youth, is a version of the VI-SPDAT for youth and young adults aged 24 and below. The Next Step Tool, was created by OrgCode and Community Solutions and is also known as the TAY-VI-SPDAT stands for the Transition Age Youth-Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool. The tool is intended to both predict which youth are most likely to experience long-term homelessness, essentially on a trajectory to becoming chronically homeless adults, and determine who is currently the most vulnerable and at risk in order to support youth in ending their homelessness. For more information on resources across Connecticut for homeless and housing unstable youth, visit

The Next Step Tool should be used in the place of the VI-SPDAT for all youth and young adults under the age of 24 as a more accurate assessment of their vulnerability considering the distinct aspects of this specific population and prioritize these clients for youth-specific homeless services and housing.

Please contact Training and Communications Coordinator at with questions or concerns related to policy and procedure or administering the Next Step Tool. No formal training is required to administer the Next Step Tool, however a recorded webinar is available below.

Additional Resources:

Administering the Next Step Tool Webinar
Click Here for Recorded Webinar


The Next Step Tool
When Administer the Next Step Tool
Next Step Tool Handout

OrgCode Administering the Next Step Tool Powerpoint
Next Step Tool Opening & Closing Script
HMIS Workflow: To enroll a client in the Next Step Tool
HMIS Workflow: How to view your completed Next Step Tool Assessment
HMIS Release of Information

If you have questions or concerns about the Next Step Tool, please reach out to