Action Alert:

House Votes to Weaken Critical Affordable Housing Statute!

Connecticut Needs More, Not Less, Affordable Homes.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill in the next 24 hours. The time to reach out to the Senate is now! Please tell your Senator and Senate leadership to oppose HB 6880 – a bill that will weaken the Affordable Housing Appeals procedure, known as the 8-30g statute, if it goes on to be adopted. Section 8-30g has helped to create thousands of affordable homes in Connecticut.

It is the state;s primary tool that builders can use to give parents, and their children, access to housing in otherwise exclusionary towns.

Late Tuesday evening Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed HB 6880. To see how your legislator voted on the bill, click here.

By lowering the threshold of affordable units a town would need, the bill would make it easier for dozens of towns to achieve a moratorium exempting them from Section 8-30g for four years. In fact, if HB 6880 is adopted many towns may achieve a moratorium without adding a single affordable home to their housing stock.

You can read a summary of the bill here.

Tell Your Senator and Senate Leadership:

  • Hello, my name is _________ and I am a constituent. Please VOTE NO on HB 6880, The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure, and oppose any changes to Section 8-30g.

  • Section 8-30g has helped to create more than 5,000 affordable housing units across the state and moved towns to develop thousands more for residents who otherwise would not have had the opportunities those homes have provided.

  • Connecticut is a high cost state in dire need of more homes that are affordable. Weakening Section 8-30g would move the state away from this goal.

Call Now!

Find your senator here. Dial (860) 240-0100 and ask to be connected with your senator. 

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Learn more about Section 8-30g here